I have so many pretties in my stash that I neglect. Most of them have only been worn once, if at all.

I have a suggestion if you have the same "problem": Why don't we swap? 

Here's how it works: Below you can see the pictures of the polishes that I'm willing to swap for something else at the moment. Most of the polishes have been worn once, others are brand new, but all of them have been taken very good care of. 

If you see anything you like, send me an email at Tell me which of my polishes you would like to give a new home, and which polishes you can offer in return. When we've both agreed that it's a fair swap, we'll exchange addresses, and ship the polishes to each other. If you don't have a blog or you're a new kid on the blog, I'll ship the polishes to you as soon as I've received the ones you've sent me. Does that seem fair? I hope so. :) 

I am interested in: 
Shimmers, glitters, foils, metallics, holographics, flakies and other interesting finishes.
Red, pink, purple, green, teal, blue.

I am not interested in: 
Matte, sheers, crackles and cremes.
Nudes, yellow, orange, brown, gold, pastel colours.

Here is my wish list: My wish list

In case you see something you like, and you aren't really interested in swapping, you are welcome to buy the polishes you're interested in instead. Just send me a bid on, and we'll figure something out. 

UPDATE: I have an entire box full of swap-polishes, and I'll photograph them shortly and upload the pics here. ♥