Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Isadora ~ Night Flight with Amour ~ Be My Love

Isadora ~ Night Flight
Dark, shimmery blue with hints of grey

Night Flight is another polish from Isadora’s “Jewels of the Orient” collection,
from autumn 2012. I seem to have a thing for these dark blue shimmers
recently, they’re so hard to resist. I never leave them as they are, of course,
so perhaps it’s because they’re so good to paint over with glitters and nail art.

The formula is good like on all of my Isadora polishes. They’re all a bit on the
thick side, and I like that! Night Flight is a one coater which applies really easy. Drying time is good – no complaints in that department either!

Here’s a pic of one coat - no top coat yet:

This isn’t as shimmery as expected, but I like it anyway! It seems perfect as an Autumn colour. Dark, a little bit dusty, and very pretty!

Here’s a pic from a different angle:

I did intend to make some kind of cool nail art on it, but all of a sudden I was
in a hurry, so I didn’t have time for that. Instead I pulled out an Amour polish
called “Be my Love”. It’s a clear base with red microglitter and silver hearts.

The hearts are certainly not shy, so there was no need to go fishing to get
hearts on my nails. In fact I had to scrape some of them off the brush and
back into the bottle in order not to get a bunch of hearts on some of my nails.
I wanted maximum two hearts on each nails. After applying the Amour polish,
I sealed it all up with one coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Here’s how one coat over the Night Flight looks like:

The red glitter compliments the blue really well. It flashes the red glitter, but it also makes the blue look a bit purplish! It’s very cool, I like it!

And here’s the bottle shot – look at how many hearts this bottle of polish

This is a bit of “lazy” nail art, but some days are just busier than others. I’m
glad I got that heart glitter, because I really like hearts.


  1. It's a very pretty match between those two, love it!

  2. uhh! extremely fascinating mani! this pretties decorate each other! so before your photos I thought that red+blue is bad taste, but this pair fully change my mind :)

    1. Ooh, that's great to hear. I like it when it is like that :)

  3. Night Flight really looks like perfect autumn shade. Love the layering!

    1. It's a great polish for sure, I really like it :) And thanks :)

  4. This is a gorgeous combo! I'm in love :)