Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Love & Beauty ~ swatches

I bought three Love&Beauty polishes on my vacation to New York last October, and today is the day where they have their little moment of fame.

The first one up is a textured purple polish called “purple/silver”. It’s not hard to guess the colour of it, is it? :D

Application was a breeze and girls, this purple beauty is a one coater. Drying time is good, no problems there either.

Here is one coat:

I like the added silver - that really does something good for this polish!

I mean: Look at that shine!

I like this. The sand effect is nice, and not so hugely gritty that you hang up on everything. I love that it’s a one coater and the added silver glitter is a big bonus!

The second polish up is a glitter, and that funnily enough is also called “purple/silver”! Guess what colour this one is!! :D It’s a purple tinted base with silver glitter and hexes. It doesn’t work on it’s own, it’s a topper. So I paired it with a purple polish from Golden Rose with the number 107, which is my default purple when it comes to purple underwear. It’s beautiful and it’s a one coater. Enough said. So I applied a layer of this glitter over the Golden Rose. I dipped the brush in the bottle one time only per nail – and here’s what it ended up looking like:

Glitter, glitter, glitter.

One last shot:

Verdict: Hmm. It’s a pretty glitter but it isn’t spectacular. You can definitely use it over colours other than purple because the base colour is so discrete!

Last one up is my favourite of the bunch: Blue Jewel. It’s a blue texture with the most beautiful shimmer in it. It’s not really fair that it has been sitting in the box for so long, because it was never really an untried! *gasp* I wore it while I was still in New York, you see, but I wasn’t able to get any good pictures of it back then – that’s why you haven’t seen it before, and also why it wrongfully sat in the box of untrieds! Sorry for that little lacquer. Poor baby!

Anyway, the formula is good and the polish is really easy to apply! It does take two coats to make it opaque, and the drying time is pretty average.

Here’s what two coats look like:

Look at that shimmer that really shows off on my middle finger and my pointer on this pic:

And here – isn’t it gorgeous!!

Verdict: Yes please, this is a seriously cool textured polish, I love it!


  1. What pretty polishes :-) Purple/Silver and Blue Jewel are really nice! :-)

    1. Thank you :) It was nice to finally get them on :)

  2. I love these! purple/silver is my favorite though

  3. I think the first is my favorite, but not the sand finish LOL - they are however all pretty :)

    1. I know you're not into sands, but yes, the colours are pretty :)

  4. I love both the textures! I've never tried forever 21 polish because I honestly thought it would be crap but maybe i'll try some now :)

    1. I'm really pleased with mine. I wasn't impressed with the selection they had at the time, but I've seen some really nice ones on other blogs too :)

  5. Blue Jewel is my favourite too :). It's stunning!