Saturday, December 9, 2017

Anonymous Lacquer ~ Os To

Anonymous Lacquer ~ Os To
Deep magenta strong linear holo with a metallic-ish finish

About a year ago I had Mildred from Anonymous Lacquer make me this beautiful polish. She made two bottles, and I gave one of them to a dear friend of mine. “Os To” means “The two of us”.

I had a very special day ahead of me, and I wanted my nails to bring me luck. So I dug out this precious polish, that I’ve only worn once before.

The formula is a big thick – it was like that to begin with, but a year in the Helmer didn’t make it any thinner. I added a few drops of thinner before I did my nails. “Os To” is easily a one coater, but I did two coats because I like it like that. The drying time is good. I applied a layer of topcoat, and this is what this precious polish looks like:

Anonymous Lacquer ~ Os To

I love everything about this polish: The colour, the finish, the rainbows, the quality. It’s a fantastic polish!

Anonymous Lacquer ~ Os To

This picture is taken in the lightbox.

Anonymous Lacquer ~ Os To

I wore it alone a year ago and I wore it alone this time too. I wanted this to shine on it’s own. I hope they’ll bring me the luck I wish for! :)

“Os To” is a custom made especially for me.

Number of coats: 2 but 1 is enough
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Linear holo with metallic finish
Overall impression: This is an amazing polish in all aspects
Buy again: Yes I would!