Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Swedish polishes

Hi girls!

I went to Sweden to shop some Christmas presents recently, and obviously I had to buy a bit of nail polish too, now that I was there. 

I bought two Isadoras and three Viva la Divas. They're both Swedish brands. 

From left to right: Black Galaxy, Beetle Green, 121, 72 and 70.

Here are the three Viva la Divas. The picture is blurry because then it's easier to see the colours and the glitter. I don't know why they give them numbers instead of names, I think that's really silly. I prefer names to numbers. However, nr.121 is a very shimmery deep purple, 72 is a silver holographic glitter, and 70 is a clear base with turquoise and green glitter.

Number 121, 72 and 70.

Here's a close up of the Isadoras. Black galaxy to the left is a black base with all colours of holographic glitter, and beetle green is exactly what the name implies, a dark green with a foil finish.

Black Galaxy and Beetle Green

I also picked up a couple of Maybellines. Here's number 753, a shimmery light green with a tint of gold, and number 152A, a midnight blue with shimmer. 

MNY: 753 and 152A
The last one I bought was an OPI. I'm not usually a big fan, but "Meep meep meep" from the Muppets collection was simply too gorgeous to miss. She's wine red and packed with shimmer. 

OPI: Meep meep meep

That's it for this time. I did visit Make Up Store and eyed their polishes, but my Visa was overheated at that point. :D


  1. These look great! Looking forward to seeing them used in manicures :-)

  2. @ Laura ~ Thank you, I can hardly wait to try these on myself. :)

    @ Nicole ~ I know, they're great, right?! :)

  3. Can't wait to see the swedish polish!

  4. They say that especially Isadora is a dream to work with. :)