Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pure Ice ~ Shimmer Wing

Pure Ice ~ Shimmer Wing
Iridescent shimmer toppers

I was originally in the mood for a multichromatic manicure, but I changed my mind after I had prepared my nails by painting them black. I decided to try out some iridescent shimmer toppers my friend Carolyn bought me a long time ago!

Let me show you how it all ended out:

I used three of the Shimmer Wing-toppers for this manicure:

Shimmer Wing Rose: Golden iridescent shimmer
Shimmer Wing Jasmin: Pink iridescent shimmer
Shimmer Wing Iris: Blue iridescent shimmer

I sponged the shimmer on and sealed the whole thing up with a layer of topcoat.
Note to self: Buy better sponges. This one dissolved after a while, and left little bit of sponge on the nails. Grr!!

Here are the polishes I used.

OPI: Never have too mani friends;
Pure Ice: Shimmer Wing Rose, Shimmer Wing Jasmin, Shimmer Wing Iris
I was actually sure that I received four Shimmer Wings back then, but I looked high and low and only found these three. I think they are really pretty together and I’ll definitely do this again. I did consider to stamp over it, but I didn’t know which colour to stamp with. My boyfriend stated that it would be a shame to stamp over it.

Number of coats: N/A
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Iridescent shimmer-toppers
Overall impression: Great effects, all of them
Buy again: Yes


  1. A esponjinha nem aparece...só vejo que ficou lindo demais!

    >>blog Usei Hoje<<

  2. It looks beautifully! I'd gladly use it :)

  3. It looks beautifully! I'd gladly use it :)

  4. The end result is beautiful :)

  5. Your boyfriend is right! I like a lot this manicure! I don't see the sponge! ;)

    1. He's clever! :) I had a fight with the sponge with my tweezers to pick it all off :D

  6. OMG, I really love this! <3

  7. This looks amazing and these are just super gorgeous <3 :-D

    1. I need to start using my effect toppers more, because I really like how this came out :D