Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Hungary Haul

Hi girls!

I was in Hungary for five days over Christmas, and man did I buy a lot of polish. It was so cheap there - it was impossible to say no. :D I have sorted them all out, photographed them and named them, all for you. ♥

Here they are:

Aden Cosmetics

This brand doesn't name their polishes, and they don't give them numbers either. So from left to right it's a magenta/purple glitter, a metallic light blue, a purple glitter and a red/silver glitter. These were ridiculously cheap!

Be-Yu: 326, 329. Miss Sporty: 060, 313, 311.
I already knew Be-Yu from last time I was in Germany, and I like the brand.
I bought a dark shimmery blue and a dark shimmery purple. 
Miss Sporty is new to me - the polishes are: an greenish blue, a very dark purple and a foily silver.

Catrice: Alluring Night, Forget me not,  I Wear My Sunglasses At Night, After Eight.

These are my first Catrice polishes. I've heard so much good about them, so I chose these four: A dark blue, a glittery purple, a black with various colours of shimmer and a dark green. They all look beautiful.

Glitter polishes from Claire: Minis: Purple, red, blue and pink. Normal sizes: Green and pink.

Can you tell that I'm a glitter addict? The mini bottles were a set of six - I already gave the gold and silver glitter away. The others are purple, red, blue, magenta, green and another purple. All glitters.

Lovely: None of these polishes has names or numbers on them.

Lovely is another brand I've never heard of before. I'm looking forward to trying them though, and if they're not like they look, I'll use them for frankenpolishes. :D

Essence: Stamp me! Silver, Time for romance, Choose me!, Where's the party?

Essence! I'm so sad that I don't have access to Essence polishes in Denmark. I went crazy, and bought a whole lot of them...
Here's silver stamping polish, a brownish pink with glitters, a blueish green with glitters and a green/purple duochrome. 

Essence toppers: Circus Confetti, It's purplicious!, Hello Holo, It's purplicious, Vampire's: Hunt me if you can!

More Essence polishes, toppers. 
Multicoloured, purple, holographic, pink/purple and black with glitter.
I'm puzzled that two of them have got the same name even though they're clearly not the same colour...?!

Essence nail art twins: Edward, Blair, Julia, Gabriella.
I would have bought the entire set of Essence twins, but these were the only ones available.

Flormar: U06, U26, 431, U13.

Flormar. Never heard of it before. But the colours look so pretty!

NYX: Pink Avenue, Max Factor: Extra Glitter, Blue Energy, Silver.

I am all excited about the NYX flakie and the top glitter polish from Max Factor. The blue is so vibrant looking and I thought the little charcoal would be fun to play with.

NYC: Disco Ball and Lights-Camera-Glitter. Maybelline: Electric Blue. Manhattan: 78S

My first NYC polishes, silver glitter and pink/blue glitter. And two pretty blues from Maybelline and Manhattan.

s-he: 290, 110, base coat, 280, 255.

S-he. Another brand that's completely new to me. But pretty indeed! :)

So, that was the huge haul I filled my poor suitcase with. 
What do you think?
Are there any of them you'd like to see before the others, or...?



  1. Oh my GOD!!! You got a ton of great stuff!

    I love love glitter polish, and that Max Factor Blue Energy looks fantastic!!

  2. I know! It's because it was so difficult to chose between them! Now I have this luxury problem that I don't know what to wear! :D

  3. I am so, so jealous. I wish we had Essence here in the UK too. I think you can be very proud of your haul though :-)
    I think I have the purple and silver Miss Sporty polishes you got. They are excellent for stamping. I also have a couple of Lovely polishes. It always makes me laugh to see the word "strength" spelled wrongly lol.

  4. I think Essence should consider to expand and sell their polishes and make up in UK and Denmark!
    Cool about the Miss Sporty polishes - I must admit that I had stamping in mind when I saw them, but you just never know beforehand if it will work or not. :)
    I hadn't even noticed that the word Strength was spelled wrong! LOL!!

  5. omg hun I love everything here! great polishes x

  6. Thank you! I'm so pleased with them myself! Xx

  7. Ooooh, you got some amazing polishes, lucky girl! Can't wait to see swatches! x

  8. Thank you so much - I'm already working on trying on as many as possible :D X

  9. Wow that's a lot of new goodies!! Hope you love them all!! =)

  10. I must admit that I went a little crazy and perhaps bought a bit too much... but.. nah! I love them all. :)

  11. Thank you so much - I'm overexcited myself. :)

  12. Ja!! Hellere før end senere!!! :D

  13. shiny haul! We need more Euro brands in the US!

  14. Yes, and we need more US brands in Europe! :D