Saturday, June 15, 2013

China Glaze ~ Fancy Pants with holo stamp

China Glaze ~ Fancy Pants
Blurple with pink shimmer

Fancy Pants is from China Glaze’s Avant Garden collection from spring 2013 and the only one I bought from that collection. I almost bought another one, Sunday Funday, it’s a lovely turquoise, but it’s a plain crème, so I gave it a miss.

The formula was the good China Glaze quality. It took two coats to reach the desired opacity, and the drying time between coats was pretty good.

I couldn’t quite decide whether this was a blue or a purple, hence the blurple in the title, but here it is, two coats, no topcoat:

I absolutely love the pink shimmer that this polish has got. In fact, I wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t for the shimmer! Here’s a pic taken from a different angle:

 Pretty, yes?

I wanted to stamp on it, because I’ve just got myself some XL stamping plates, and I wanted to try them out. I stamped with Color Club’s “Cloud Nine”, which is an amazing pink linear holographic. I used the stamping plate B for this purpose. The top coat is from Poshé. 

I stamped with my XL stamper, which is extremely soft and squishy and I haven’t quite gotten used to it yet. It’s so soft that it’s possible to stretch and bend the motifs. Take a look at my middle finger, and see how psychedelic that looks! O_o

The sun was not wiling to cooperate so here’s a picture taken under a light bulb:

The holographic stamping makes this mani looking really spectacular and if I hadn’t know better I would have thought that the base colour was holo too (which it isn’t, of course!)

How is this? Do you like it as much as I do? :)

Opacity: 7/10
Colour, prettiness: 8/10
Durability: 7/10
Value for money: 8/10
Overall: 7.5/10
Buy again: Yes


  1. The holo stamping looks great on the beautiful Fancy Pants!

    1. Thank you - I agree with you and am happy it turned out this way :)

  2. wow this is really pretty China glaze, I'd like to try this color too :) and I like holo stamping. the design is a bit weird but still very cool!

    1. I like this kind of weird designs :)
      Thank you!
      PS. I can't comment on your blog! Did you change your settings, by any chance?

    2. Hmm, Blogger offers me to enable google+ comments and I agreed. So faq tells that you can't use this type of comment if you don't have a google+ profile. :(
      I really don't like this new additions because it's a garbage for old and simple system

    3. I'm not crazy about the new stuff either, and especially when they change things so they become difficult :/
      I'll keep trying and see if it ever gets easier :)

  3. This is so pretty :) love the stamping!

  4. I liked Fancy Pants the most from those collection too :).
    Looks super nice with holo stamping!

    1. Thank you :) I'm glad there are collections, where I don't want to buy them all :D