Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Darling Diva ~ Oh no!! She didn’t!!!

Darling Diva ~ Oh no!! She didn’t!!!
Blue linear holo with silver glitter

It’s cool to try out new brands now and again, and I am pleased to try out a couple of Darling Divas. First one up is “Oh no!! She didn’t!!!”, which is a lovely blue holo with silver glitter. It’s pretty sheer, and I wasn’t in the mood to sit still and apply layer after layer, so I used underwear for it. I used Golden Rose Matte Velvet #104, which is a fantastic blue suede polish. It’s a one coater and it dries really fast, so I thought it would be perfect for this purpose.

Here’s what one coat looks like in the sunshine:

Isn’t that just a fabulous polish?! I love suede polishes with shimmer!

Then I applied one coat of “Oh no!! She didn’t!!!”. The formula is great, the polish spreads out evenly and drying time is pretty average. The holo isn’t the strongest in the pack, but it’s there and it’s pretty.

Here’s one coat over Golden Rose Matte Velvet #104:

One coat

I wanted more holo effect though, so I applied a second layer of ONSD, and look at this:

Two coats

That’s much better! The pictures are all taken in direct sunlight.

Then I made a thin line of dots down the side of each nail, and a little heart on my little finger. I used Joss “Flash Diamond”, which is a silver holo. And here’s the final result – there’s no topcoat over this:

The last picture is the one that shows the holographic effect the most. The holo was hard to catch on pictures even though it was there in real life, just not the strongest I’ve seen.

I like this polish though; I’ll definitely try and layer it over other colours too, just to try that out. I’m not disappointed in my first Darling Diva, even though I had wished for a holo I didn’t have to layer :)

What do you think, girls? This is a keeper, right?

Opacity: 10/10
Colour, prettiness: 4/10
Durability: 10/10
Value for money: 8/10
Overall: 8/10
Buy again: Yes

I’ve bought this polish on norwaynails.com.
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  1. It looks like a perfect combo - and what a fun name :)

    1. I love the name, and was so glad I layered this :)

  2. Such a beauty! Of course a keeper :)

  3. It's a great combo! Love how the holo effect looks in the last picture! :)

    ~ Yun

    1. The holo was really hard to catch, but it was so easy to see in real life :)

  4. Very pretty combo! I'm a fan of holos that aren't uber strong but are still visible in the sun!

    1. They need to be pretty out of the sun too to be a winner in my book. This one is :)

  5. OMG!
    i'm completely in love with that polish *.*
    unfortunatelly, i can't find him here :(
    loved it ♥
    kisses ♥

    1. I bought this one online, since it's not available here either :)