Friday, April 16, 2021

Barry M: Coral Sunstone

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Barry M: Coral Sunstone
Orange packed with golden shimmer, textured

"Coral Sunstone" is from Barry M's Crystal Rock collection from 2020. It's a gorgeous orange textured polish. It's absolutely packed with the most beautiful golden shimmer.

The formula is great and the polish applies super easily. You can easily get away with one single coat. I used two coats though and the drying time between coats is good.

I stamped swirls on it. The design is from the stamping plate "ZJOY Plus-022". I stamped with a gorgeous yellow stamping polish from El Corazón.

Here's the final result, including a layer of topcoat. The topcoat only smoothens out the texture a bit. You need more than one layer of topcoat to make this completely smooth.

Barry M: Coral Sunstone
Barry M: Coral Sunstone

I really like yellow on top of orange.

Barry M: Coral Sunstone
Barry M: Coral Sunstone

Here's "Coral Sunstone" alone; two coats and no topcoat. Look how glittery and shiny it is.

Barry M: Coral Sunstone
Barry M: Coral Sunstone

And here are the things I used today.

Barry M: Coral Sunstone

Wow, this is just beautiful. I really like it, both textured and smooth. I'm glad that I bought more from this particular collection!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Textured with shimmer
Overall impression: Wow, this is beautiful. Great formula, beautiful effect.
Buy again: Yes


  1. It is definitely not one of "my" colours, I rarely wear orange or yellow, but it's really fantastic to look at! I adore textured polishes (that reminds me that I should find them in one of my drawers and use them again!) and this shade is very powerful! The stamping is flawless and the final shiny effect is beautiful too! :-)

    1. There was a time when I never wore orange because most orange polishes were Autumn coloured, and that's definitely not something that grows on me. This one is great though, I really like it. :)And thank you :)