Sunday, June 24, 2018

Golden Rose ~ Matte #23

Golden Rose ~ Matte #23
Neon green matte

I found this little pretty gem on the bottom of the box of untrieds. It has been there for quite some time, but today’s the day it moves from the box and into the Helmer.

The formula is quite sheer. I used three coats for my manicure but when I look at my photos I think I should have applied a fourth layer. The drying time is really good.

I stuck on some butterfly and flower stickers and sealed it all up with topcoat.

Here’s what it all ended up looking like in the sun:

Golden Rose ~ Matte #23

And this is Matte #23 on its own. It’s 3 coats and a layer of topcoat here and the photo is taken in the sun.

Golden Rose ~ Matte #23

This is my first Golden Rose that needs that many layers. Most of the other matte Golden Roses I’ve got requires one or two coats so this was quite a surprise. It’s a fresh colour though.

Number of coats: 3
Drying time: Good
Finish: Matte
Overall impression: Really nice colour. Thin formula and sheer.
Buy again: No

Saturday, June 23, 2018

A England ~ Nocturne

A England ~ Nocturne
Described as: Twilight black with a red nuance revealing at times its prismatic spectacle.

I usually only use black as underwear or in nail art, and that’s why I don’t usually buy black indie polishes. I received Nocturne in a grab bag and was eager to see the “red nuance” in real life. I can see a bit of holographic “stuff” on the inside of the bottle. It doesn’t look red to me, but perhaps it needs a specific lighting to show its red side.

The formula of the polish is good though. I used two coats but I honestly think I could have got away with just one. The coverage is really good and so is the drying time.

I found my skull designs on the stamping plate (Chinese letters) L-035. I bought it from Aliexpress a while ago. I used El Corazón’s white stamping polish for the stamps. I painted the roses pink with a mix of W7’s “It’s Pink” and a bit of clear topcoat.

Here’s the final manicure photographed in the sunshine.

A England ~ Nocturne

Here’s another picture. I really dig this!

A England ~ Nocturne

Here’s Nocturne on its own; two coats and no topcoat. I didn’t see any red nuances in it. It’s just black with a bit of “dust” in it.

A England ~ Nocturne

And these are the polishes and the stamping plate I used to today’s nails.

It was about time I tried that stamping plate, because I have had it for quite a while. It’s so cool with lots of great designs on it.

Number of coats: 2 but 1 would probably be enough
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Well… I honestly don’t want to call it a holo. A super subtle shimmer perhaps?
Overall impression: Nice quality and formula. I’m not impressed with the effect
Buy again: No

Friday, June 22, 2018

Invogue ~ Guilty Pleasure

Invogue ~ Guilty Pleasure
Blue to purple duochromatic shimmer

I think today’s polish is meant to be a topper so I layered it over black.

I used one coat of black, one coat of “Guilty Pleasure”.
The stamp is from the stamping plate BP-L049 and I stamped with El Corazón’s stamping polish “Peach Echo”.

I topcoated the whole thing with an iridescent glitter from Jordana called “Lunar Nights”.

Here’s my final manicure photographed in the sun.
Invogue ~ Guilty Pleasure

And this is one layer of “Guilty Pleasure” over black. It’s a nice shimmer that would look great over any blue or purple toned polish.

Invogue ~ Guilty Pleasure

Here are the polishes and the stamping plate I used today:

OPI: Never Have Too Mani Friends!; Invogue: Guilty Pleasure, El Corazón stamping polish: Peach Echo; Jordana: Lunar Nights
OPI: Never Have Too Mani Friends!; Invogue: Guilty Pleasure,
El Corazón stamping polish: Peach Echo; Jordana: Lunar Nights

I wasn’t quite thrilled with this manicure. I mean, it was alright and stuff, but it didn’t feel amazing :D

Number of coats: I used 1 coat over black
Drying time: Good
Finish: Tons of duochromatic shimmer
Overall impression: Great topper!
Buy again: Yes