Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dance Legend Anna Gorelova ~ 31 Firebloom

Dance Legend Anna Gorelova ~ 31 Firebloom
Red linear holo

It’s time for another pretty Russian polish.

The formula seems thin but it covers in two easy coats. The drying time is good too, no worries there either.

Here’s two coats and no topcoat in the sun:

This picture is taken in the shade. It doesn’t show that Firebloom has got a little bit of rusty red in it. It’s only a little bit but it’s definitely there.

I added a couple of studs on each nail. They’re from Essence and they are self-adhesive. That means that they stick better to the nail but also that it can be a b*tch to place them on the nail because they stick to everything :D

This picture is taken with flash.

Firebloom is a keeper, rusty tone or not.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Linear holo
Overall impression: I like this a lot
Buy again: Yes

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Orly ~ Scenic Route

Orly ~ Scenic Route
Neon lilac crème

Scenic Route is the last of my picks from the Pacific Coast Highway collection from summer 2016. I already showed you Life’s a Beach, Paradise Cove and Road Trippin’. Click on the names to be taken to each post. 

Crème polishes are not my favourites, as you may (or may not) know, but every collector needs a little bit of everything in my opinion. And Scenic Route has got a really nice colour.

I used two coats for my mani and the drying time between the coats was good.

This is two coats and no topcoat:

Isn’t that just a nice colour? I like it.

I stamped little dragonflies on it. It’s from stamping plate BP-74. It’s the first stamping plate I’ve had that was picky about which stamper it liked. I tried both my clear stampers but none of them would pick up the motif. I had to go back to my old faithful standard stamper that I bought on ebay for a couple of dollars a long time ago. That one is not a clear one though so I might check the market for a more flexible clear stamper for stamping plates like this one. Anyway, I stamped with Colour Alike’s “B. an Aurora”.

This is the final mani including a layer of topcoat:

I love dragonflies and I dig the colour combo here a lot.

I’m so happy with my four picks from this collection!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Crème
Overall impression: Great colour, good formula, cool polish
Buy again: Yes

Friday, September 23, 2016

Orly ~ Road Trippin’

Orly ~ Road Trippin’
Bright neon yellow crème

Road Trippin’ is from the Pacific Coast Highway collection from summer 2016 just like Life’s a Beach and Paradise Cove that I already showed you.

I’m not usually a great lover of crème polishes, but I have a thing for neons so I bought two more from the collection. The last one that I’m probably going to wear tomorrow is Scenic Route.

Yellow polishes are often little divas. I don’t know why but it seems that most yellows are draggers and keep creating bald-ish spots. Road Trippin’ isn’t the worst yellow I’ve tried, but I did need three coats before I was satisfied. The self-levelling ability isn’t the greatest but the layer of topcoat did the trick. The drying time is good.

So here’s three coats and one layer of topcoat:

This is soooo highlighter yellow, I love it!

I drew four lines on each nail with Cuccio’s Nantucket Navy, and then I finished with a layer of Northern Lights topcoat from Out the Door. I love that holo glitter topper.

Nantucket Navy is way darker than I imagined it would be, so it almost looks black here. That means I probably won’t be using it as a regular polish but only for nail art, like here. I will swatch it however to make sure that my feeling is right.

I expected Road Trippin’ to be a three coater so I’m no disappointed in that fact. I love the colour so it’s definitely a keeper!

Number of coats: 3
Drying time: Good
Finish: Crème
Overall impression: Really bright, great if you love loud polishes like I do.
Buy again: Yes