Saturday, March 31, 2018

Born Pretty stamping plate BP-L100

Born Pretty stamping plate BP-L100

It has been a long time ago I reviewed something from Born Pretty Store! The last two review packages didn’t make it through the mail system. Third time is a charm though, and that’s how it’s possible for me to review a great stamping plate full of dreamcatchers. I was sent the plate for free in return for an honest review.  

It looks like this and it’s listed here:

Born Pretty stamping plate BP-L100

I really like dreamcatchers but the ones I find on stamping plates are often way too big for my nails to make sense. There are a few of them on plate BP-L100 that fit my nails and that’s the ones I’ve been concentrating on today.

Take a look at how pretty it all turned out.

I didn’t have luck with all of the designs on the plate. There were a couple of the little feathers that didn’t want to be picked up properly by the stamper, which is really unusual for a BPS stamping plate.

Here are the polishes and the plate I used.

Essence: Guardians of the Unicorn and Holo Rocks. Born Pretty Store Black stamping polish

The verdict:

Really cool dreamcatcher designs
Designs in several sizes suits most nails
Good value for money

There were a couple of the small feather designs I couldn’t pick up properly

BornPrettyStore has got free worldwide shipping, and is offering my readers a 10% discount. All you have to do is to use the code JCJ61 when you check out. 

Friday, March 30, 2018

Ooh la Lacquer ~ Mystery Holo, lavender

Ooh la Lacquer ~ Mystery Holo, lavender
Lavender linear holo with sparks

Ooh La Lacquer is not around at the moment, so this is a polish I found in the mysterious box of untrieds. It’s a strong linear holo with lots of rainbows.

The formula is pretty good and I used two coats for full opacity. The drying time is good too.

I love swirls and today’s stamps are from Lina’s stamping plate “Twirls and Swirls 01”. I stamped with El Corazón’s stamping polish “Restless Night”.

This is what it all ended up looking like, photographed with flash.

Ooh la Lacquer ~ Mystery Holo, lavender

Here’s what it looked like in ordinary daylight, no sun.

Ooh la Lacquer ~ Mystery Holo, lavender

And this is my mystery polish alone, two coats and no topcoat. The rainbows are really pretty.

Ooh la Lacquer ~ Mystery Holo, lavender

This is the stuff I used for today’s nails.

Ooh la Lacquer ~ Mystery Holo, lavender

I really like the rainbows in Ooh La Lacquer’s holos. Unfortunately I’ve experienced some serious faders and I wasn’t impressed with her turnaround time either, but oh well. Shit hap…

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Linear holo with sparks
Overall impression: Good polish, great rainbows, colour is a bit pale for me (not the polish’s fault)
Buy again: No

Thursday, March 29, 2018

OPI ~ Now Museum, Now You don’t

OPI ~ Now Museum, Now You don’t
Red metallic shimmer

“Now Museum, Now You Don’t” is from the Lisbon collection from Spring 2018. It’s a collection of 12 polishes, and this is one of the two shimmers in the collection. I only bought this one because I am not that crazy about crème polishes.

The formula is good and so is the coverage. I experienced a bit of pooling of the cuticles but not more than I could handle. I recommend as little polish on the brush as possible. The drying time was good.

I managed to apply a small triangular stud by the base of each nail. I had a bit of problem with that because the studs didn’t want to go where I wanted them to. I had them on the floor, on my sweater, in my keyboard… eventually I managed to get them to go onto the nails :D

Here’s “Not Museum, Now You Don’t”; two coats and a layer of topcoat.

OPI ~ Now Museum, Now You don’t

It’s a nice colour. I’ve seen swatches that indicate that this polish is more orange but my photos show exactly the colour that’s in my bottle of polish. There might be different batches, I don’t know.

OPI ~ Now Museum, Now You don’t

I like this polish, the metallic shimmer is really nice. The name is stupid though!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Shimmer with metallic finish
Overall impression: Good quality polish, beware of pooling  
Buy again: Yes