Saturday, March 24, 2018

Dance Legend ~ Spot it - Red

Dance Legend ~ Spot it - Red
“Bubbly” red topper

Today’s manicure is another attempt with Dance Legend’s “Spot it”-polish. It’s a bit like a crackle polish, just with bubbles instead of crackles. I have tried a couple of times before but I didn’t really get it to work. I asked for advice and was told that it might help if the polish underneath wasn’t completely dry. Let’s put that to a test!

I started out with a silver holo from Urban Outfitters with the original name “Silver Holo”. I know, it doesn’t get much better than that :D

I applied one coat and let that dry completely. Then I applied a second coat on the pinkie nail, put the brush down and immediately after (no waiting at all!). It didn’t seem to work so I moved on to the next nail and repeated – only this time I applied less of the red polish. That helps a little bit, so the next nail got a little less red and so on and so forth.

I applied a layer of topcoat and my manicure was ready for the camera.

Here’s the result. You can see the “bubbles” more and more for each nail. I made the pinkie first and the pointer last and there is way more effect on the pointer.

Dance Legend ~ Spot it - Red

Heres’ a daylight picture so you can see the “bubbles” more.

Dance Legend ~ Spot it - Red

These are the two polishes I used.

  Urban Outfitters: Silver Holo and Dance Legend Spot it: Red
Urban Outfitters: Silver Holo and Dance Legend Spot it: Red

I must admit that I am less than impressed with these “bubbly” polishes. The effect I achieve is really limited so I don’t think I’ll reach for these very often. Fortunately I only bought two of them, a red and a white.

Number of coats: 1 over wet polish
Drying time: Average
Finish: Bubbles
Overall impression: I’m not impressed with the effect that I’m able to create
Buy again: No