Friday, March 16, 2018

Born Pretty Store Holo ~ Violet Light

Born Pretty Store Holo ~ Violet Light
Dark purple scattered holo

Today’s polish is a sister to “Wine Malaga” and “GammaRay” that I showed you yesterday and the day before. I wasn’t impressed with the two first sisters so my hopes weren’t high for “Violet Light”.

I might as well say it as it is: “Violet Light” is as weird as the other two!

I used two very difficult coats for my manicure. The polish is streaky and the moment you move the brush over the nail more than once, the formula acts up really goopy and streaky. The polish dries up semi matte and the drying time is good.  

The stamping design is from Moyou London’s stamping plate “Back to the 60’s-40” and I stamped with China Glaze’s “Chrome is where the Heart is”.

Here’s my manicure photographed with flash. I like the final look, but am unimpressed by the lack of pretty rainbows.

Born Pretty Store Holo ~ Violet Light

Here is what “Violet Light” looks like in daylight. I like these two colours together.

Born Pretty Store Holo ~ Violet Light

This is “Violet Light” on its own; two coats and no topcoat yet. The glow is pretty but it would be so nice with some impressive rainbows to make up for the weird formula.

Born Pretty Store Holo ~ Violet Light

Here are the polishes and the stamping plate I used today.

There are six polishes in this new holographic collection by BornPrettyStore. I am disappointed in the three I bought and won’t bother looking at the other three.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Scattered holo
Overall impression: The formula is streaky and weird. I like the drying time.  
Buy again: No


  1. It's a pretty manicure, it's a shame the formula is so weird!

    1. I don't understand it, their polishes are usually really nice :/

  2. It`s really pretty, but I think I will skip this collection after your reviews...

  3. Oh I like the colours and the geometry! Nice!