Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dark Blond ~ Auqua Marine

Dark Blond ~ Auqua Marine
Mint green crème

It’s not very often I buy crème polishes and it’s not very often I buy mint greens either. I fell for Auqua Marine from Dark Blond recently though, and I’ve heard that their polishes stamp well, so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s not an expensive brand either.

The formula is not that great though. It’s streaky on the first coat. The second coat is a little bit better but the polish is not self-levelling. I’ll get back to that in a second.

Let me show you the final mani:

The cat is a water decal I bought from Aliexpress. The white polish is my favourite: m&s-172 from El Corazón. The holo topper is “Holographic Pearls” from Revlon. That’s a really cool topper.

This is what Auqua Marine looks like on its own. This is two coats and you can probably tell that it’s not really self-levelling.

Topcoat helps it though. This is one layer of Holographic Pearls over the mint green. Uh, that topper is already a favourite even though it does grey the base colour a little bit.

And in case you’ve wondered: No, I didn’t spell the name wrong. It is actually called Auqua Marine. I do believe that the company misspelled it by mistake!

Here are the two polishes, excluding the white El Corazón. 

I also bought another Dark Blond polish. I’ll try that one in near future!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Average
Finish: Crème
Overall impression: Cute colour. The formula is not impressive, it’s not self-levelling for a start
Buy again: I think I would! I like the colour a lot on my nails.


  1. The green nail polish is very pretty by itself, but with the glitter topper is just stunning and I love the cute little kitty!

  2. Pretty shade, lovely mani and I didn't know Revlon released such a lovely topper!

    1. I stumbled over the Revlon topper by coincidence and am happy that I could get it :)

  3. What a stunning min polish - wooow <3

  4. Gorgeous minty polish and love your cat mani!!

  5. That's a very nice mint, I like it :) And the cat decal is so cute <3