Thursday, August 4, 2016

Star nail vinyls from BornPrettyStore

Star nail vinyls from BornPrettyStore

I love stars, so today I’ll show you some cool star vinyls.

There are 9 individual stars and 3 smaller vinyls for French nails in the package. This is what it looks like:

It also comes with an instruction on the back.

I can’t recommend to let the polish dry before you remove the stencil. You get a much nicer result if you remove the stencil right after applying the polish.

Here they are, unwrapped.

I struggled *a lot* with it. The vinyls are really flimsy so they are hard to actually get off the sheet in one piece without them sticking to themselves. I tried using my fingers to peel them off with, and also tweezers, but it just wouldn’t work the way I wanted it to.

I did manage to get something on my nails. It’s not at all pretty though.

I used seven vinyls to make four nails look like this. I tried, I really did.

There’s also another thing. The removal of them was tricky too. When you see tutorials, the girls just pull on one end with a tweezer, and the vinyl comes off in one kind of circular movement. Not this set of vinyls. They kept breaking into little bits so I had to use a pointy tweezer to get the vinyl off, bit by bit. Not cool at all.

The verdict:

The stars are so cool, I love the design

Flimsy material
Hard/impossible to work with
Not easy to remove


  1. Arrrggh - too bad - if they had worked properly it would have been super lovely!

    1. It would! It's so annoying to have to give up :/

  2. I can't really work with them, but I like your mani!

    1. Thank you! I really couldn't work with them either :D