Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Heart decals from BornPrettyStore

Heart decals from BornPrettyStore

Today I’ll show you heart water decals.

There is one sheet of heart water decals in the package,  this is what it looks like:

It looks as if they’ve got a white border around them, so that fooled me into believing that there are non-transparent. They are not; they are transparent and need to be put over a very pale colour, preferably white.

I did not know that when I did my mani so when I stuck on the first decals, they weren’t visible on the nails because my base colour was too dark. I tried to fix that by making a circular gradient with white in the middle of the dark pink.

This is what it ended up looking like:

I tried with the pink hearts first but my base colour was still too dark, so I had to go with the purple ones.

I’m not happy with my mani, it’s not at all what I wanted it to be. I’ll give the decals another go with white as my base colour instead, I’m sure that’s going to work out better.

The verdict:

Very cute design
Nice colours

Only work on very pale colours