Sunday, August 14, 2016

H&M ~ Oriole, Lifejacket and Amaranthine

H&M ~ Oriole, Lifejacket and Amaranthine
Topped with Orly ~ Prisma Gloss Silver

I have developed a love for orange polishes over the last year or so. Not dull, Autumn-y orange ones, but clear, none dusty beautiful polishes. Today I’m going to mix two different oranges and a red.

This is Oriole, which is a light shade of orange, Lifejacket, which is bright orange and Amaranthine, which is dark red and shimmery. I used Oriole as the base colour and then I sponged the other colours on. I topped it with Orlys holo glitter topper Prisma Gloss Silver.

I really like these three colours and the topper makes them all come together perfectly.

Here are the polishes I used.

Do you ever wear orange? I still only wear it on my nails :)