Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Pink/blue watermarble

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Pink/blue watermarble

I absolutely love water marbles! I think they’re beautiful and fun and always unique. Unfortunately they’re also very messy to do, and that’s why I don’t do them very often.

Today I had painted my nails white as a base. I had set up the water in the cup and all the stuff I use when I watermarble. I had cotton buds, a watermarble tool, tissues, nail polishes, acetone and tape. I thought I was ready. I didn’t realize, that my liquid latex had all dried out :( I considered to do something else with my now white painted nails, but no – I was SO ready to do a water marble! So I did it the harder way: I masked my nails but putting scotch tape around them. It doesn’t work as good as liquid latex does, but I don’t have a local supplier of it, so tape would have to do.

I used white, hot pink and turqouise polishes for my water marble – take a look at how pretty it turned out.

The polishes I used was:
The white: Wet N Wild “French White Crème”
The hot pink: W7 “It’s Pink”
The Turqouise: Bourjois “Succès Azuré”
The glitter topper: Orly “Shine On Crazy Diamond”

I love these colours together and I am also really liking the water marble.

Here are the polishes I used today:

Wet N Wild “French White Crème”, Bourjois “Succès Azuré”, Orly “Shine On Crazy Diamond”, W7 “It’s Pink”
Wet N Wild “French White Crème”, Bourjois “Succès Azuré”,
Orly “Shine On Crazy Diamond”, W7 “It’s Pink”

Do you love watermarbles as much as I do?


  1. All the colours that you used are pretty and your watermarble manicure is gorgeous! :-)