Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm a winner!

Hi girls. 

There are lots of girls out there who run giveaway competitions. If the prize is something I'm interested in, of course I enter. I don't really expect to win anything - but hey - if I don't enter, I'm definitely not going to win. 

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had actually won Finger's '200 followers giveaway'! I seriously thought I was going to swoon! :D

I got the prize in the mail yesterday. It's always fun to get mail from overseas - look at this pretty postage sticker:

First thing I saw when I opened the parcel was a hand written note of thanks and congratulations. That's so cool, and made the prize even better. 

Neatly wrapped inside the box was a set of three bottles - a nail prep, a base coat and a top coat, all "Rescue Beauty Lounge" products. I'm not familiar with the brand, but I love trying new stuff, and I'm totally thrilled that I actually won!


  1. oooh well done for winning! I have never tried RBL but have heard they are good!

  2. Thanks. :) I'll probably be posting about them when I get to try them out a couple of times.

  3. So glad they got there in one piece! Hope you enjoy them!

  4. Ps why do the bottles look like some is missing? They didn't leak in the package did they?

  5. No, they didn't leak at all. I think it's because they're laying down to have their picture taken.