Saturday, November 19, 2011

My latest newbies!

Hi girls. 

I just wanted to show you my new nail polishes. You will of course also get to see them on the nails, but for now it'll only going to be in the bottles.

Here we go: 

Amour: Ll. Vineyard and Unique Ruby. China Glaze: Fairy Dust

Hot Makeup: Petrol Blue. Sally Hansen: Right Said Fred and Purple Pulse
(and yes, Purple Pulse is actually purple and not blue!)

Out the door top coat. Misa: Hot People like you. Burst Crackle: Silver
(I tried the silver crackle once, and have already given it away. It's not me!)

 Orly: Matte top coat, Sweet Peacock and Fowl Play

H & M: Kiss Goodnight, Confetti Kisses and Berry Love
I'm totally in love with these, I think they're super cute! ♥

- And I've got some of China Glaze's Eye Candy on its way too. Yay! :)


  1. Thank you, I'm looking forward to trying them all. :)

  2. Fairy Dust looks really pretty! Can't wait to see them on the nail!

  3. I think Fairy Dust is a top coat-ish polish to add sparkle to another polish. I can't wait to use them either. :)

  4. I didn't know H&M had nail polish! Super cute!! XOXO

  5. The H&M ones are my favourites of this lot. I believe they're new, I haven't seen them before. :) Xx