Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lustré ~ Blue Sky

Lustré ~ Blue Sky
Cobalt blue shimmer

Blue Sky is exclusively made for Edgy polish. I showed you another Lustré earlier today, namely Silk Sheen, click here to see it if you missed it.

I didn’t experience any problems with the formula and the drying time is good. I was almost satisfied after two coats, but I knew that I was going to take some pictures with flash, so I applied a third coat just to make sure it looked its best. For normal non-blogging purposes I’d only use two coats though.

So take a look at three coats and no topcoat in my lightbox first:

The bottle suggests that there’s a purple shimmer in the polish, but that doesn’t transfer onto the nails at all.

Here’s a flash picture of the same thing. Isn’t the colour just pretty? I love the shimmer in it.

I love this!

I promised you in the post earlier today to test if Silky Sheen stamps. I was really excited to find out that it does! I used a stamping plate called BP-25 for this swirly design.

Here are the pretty sisters:

Blue Sky is a really nice blue shimmer. Easy to apply and as I said, for everyday use two coats is enough. I like the quality and the drying time and it’s probably not my last Lustré polish.

Number of coats: 2 (I used 3 for the swatches)
Drying time: Good
Finish: Shimmer
Overall impression: Such a pretty blue shimmer. Good quality and drying time.
Buy again: Yes