Sunday, November 24, 2013

La Bella Vernice ~ Sugar Plum Fairy

La Bella Vernice ~ Sugar Plum Fairy
Deep plum purple linear scattered holo

I’ve showed you both “Feeling Shameless” and “Rachel” – and today it’s time to show you the last of the three La Bella Vernice polishes I have, namely “Sugar Plum Fairy”. It’s from the recent “Pucker up Santa” collection.

The maker, Roni, describes it as a deep plum purple, with both linear and scattered holo effects. It’s as if it’s got a special shimmer to it too – and that shimmer makes it look fairy-ish to me! So Sugar Plum Fairy seems like the perfect name for this polish!

The formula was just great – I had no problems with application at all. It covered on the first coat! I applied a second coat to make sure to give it the best conditions to shine, but I’m not sure that it made any difference at all.

I applied a layer of Poshé topcoat before I took the pictures for this post.

Here it is, two coats and one layer of Poshé topcoat:

These pictures are taken in my lightbox. I like the dreamy, soft look this polish has got – even though I usually prefer more ‘in yer face’ polishes. I must admit that this is a very pleasant and calming polish.

I also think that it actually fits my skintone!

Here’s a picture taken under a light bulb. I don’t have any sun available, and I want to show you the holo!

Nice, isn’t it?
I made some simple stripes on it with a hot pink shimmer before I called it a day and concluded my mani was done:

And one final shot:

I really like purple polishes, and holos especially. I can’t wait to see this baby shine when the sun finally comes out to play! So yes, even though the colour is “calmer” than I’d normally pick, then I stick my thumbs up for this polish as well. The formula, the pigmentation and the drying time are all ticked in the “yes” box!

Opacity: 9/10
Colour, prettiness: 7/10
Durability: 8/10
Value for money: 10/10
Overall: 8.5/10
Buy again: Yes


  1. I am sure this one comes much more alive in the sun, but it's still pretty on your lovely photos :)

  2. Very pretty! Even without the holo effect I think that's a great colour

  3. very pretty dusty purple, this polish is perfect for autumn! :) totally thumbs up!

  4. Love the end result with the stripes! The two colors look great together. :)

    ~ Yun