Monday, November 25, 2013

Sweet Color ~ T001 & Ming Shan pink striper

Sweet Color ~ T001 & Ming Shan pink striper
T001 is a very pale yellow and not normally a colour I’d go for. It has a special kind of shimmer to it – the kind of shimmer that makes you think that this polish actually can “do” something – like glow in the dark,
that sort of thing. But it can’t though, sorry (and yes, I stood alone in the bathroom with the light off, in the dark, just to test it, especially for you).

Anyway, the formula is pretty good and so is the drying time. I used three coats for these swatches, and that’s at least what it takes if you don’t like visible nail line. The polish is “eco-friendly”. I am not quite sure what that means, perhaps it means that they didn’t add extra chemicals to take the
bad smell of the polish away. It smells really odd, like glue or something.

And here’s what it looks like; three coats, no topcoat:

And another one – please tell me what you think of this!

As you can see, my nail line is almost covered, but not 100%.

The verdict:

The polish is easy to apply
Fast drying time
Sweet Colors has a huge range of colours
Eco Friendly

Coverage isn’t that great
Smells weird
Not crazy about this colour, to be honest

I definitely wouldn’t buy this colour again, but I’m willing to give one of the other colours a go - good formula and fast drying time are big plusses after all!

The other thing I want to show you is a striper. I like making stripes on my nails – I think it’s an easy way to pep up a less interesting polish.

So I decided to paint a few stripes on each nail – to see if I could achieve the peppermint hard candy look. I sealed it up with a layer of topcoat, and here’s what it all ended up looking like:

On this next picture you can see the metallic sheen better:

I only have positive words for the striper. I love the colour and the effect. The brush is easy to work with and it dries fast. So yes – both thumbs up from me!


  1. It looks like candy with stripes! :)

    1. I like candy with stripes :) I'm not sure about the yellow though.

  2. I actually like the color I think - but not if it smells.
    It is real candy to look at with the stripes - perfect for Christmas ;)

    1. Well, it does smell, there's no way that I'll deny that :D