Monday, May 30, 2016

Dance Legend ~ Malta #82 with MILV stickers

Dance Legend ~ Malta #82 with MILV water decals
I Russia

Today’s post is dedicated to beautiful Russian polishes. It isn’t a secret that I am a big fan of El Corazón and Dance Legend so today I’m only wearing Russian beauties.

Let me show you:

The red is Dance Legend’s #82 from the Malta collection. It’s a beautiful red with golden shimmer. The shimmer sinks so the bottle needs a good shake, rattle and roll before the polish is ready to be applied. It’s really opaque, I think I may have been able to get away with one coat. I did two, and the drying time is pretty good.

The white shimmer is El Corazón’s m&s-172 from the matte&shine collection. It is my to go white for nail art. It covers in two coats.

The white glitter is also from El Corazón, it’s #N531a from the Confetti collection.

The Matryoshka doll and the “I Russia”-text are both water decals from MILV.

Here are the three Russian beauties:

Dance Legend Malta #82, El Corazón m&s-172 and N531a.

I love this!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Shimmer
Overall impression: I love all three of them
Buy again: Yes


  1. What a cute declaration of love mani!!

  2. Very pretty. Haven't bought nail plates for ages. Need some new ones:) when my nails o back to being healthy again.

    1. I hope your nails will grow healthy soon! :)