Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Celestial Cosmetics ~ LE July 2015

Celestial Cosmetics ~ LE July 2015
Pink base with scattered holo effect and red microglitter

LE July 2015 is inspired by the July birthstone, the ruby.

The formula is good and easy to work with, and it’s almost opaque in one coat. The second coat evened out my few irregularities though. The drying time is a little bit on the slow side, so I ended up applying a layer of fast drying topcoat before I took my first photos. That turned out to be a good idea, both because the polish dries up somewhat textured, but also because the topcoat actually enhanced both the colour of the polish and the glitter.

Here’s two coats and a layer of topcoat taken with flash:

This is what the polish looks like in the lightbox.

I wouldn’t wear this polish on its own, it needs a bit more edge for me to be comfy in it. So I stamped on it. I found my motif on Moyra Stamping Plate 02-Fabric Texture and I stamped with a dark blue from Bourjois: Bleu Mystérieux. Here’s the final result taken with flash:

And I actually almost matches my “girl cookie monster sweater”! Totally win/win!

That’s it folks! :D

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Slow
Finish: Scattered holo with microglitter
Overall impression: It’s a good base for something else! :D
Buy again: Not sure