Friday, November 13, 2015

Color Club ~ Sidewalk Psychic

Color Club ~ Sidewalk Psychic
Copper linear holo

Sidewalk Psychic is from Color Club’s third Halo Hues Collection: The one that came out here in 2015. There are seven polishes in that collection and I’ve bought two of them so far. I bought the two bolder ones and left the pale ones, at least for now.

Usually I wouldn’t go for a copper, but the previous Halo Hues polishes have stamped amazingly and I girl can’t have too many stamping polishes. Today we’re going to check out what it can do on its own though.

The formula is great and the polish covers perfectly in one single coat. Yes, one coat daaahlings! Drying time is good too.

So here’s one coat in the sun:

Look at that holo flame!!

The rainbows are also visible in the shade. I love holos that do that!

I added a bit of glitter, mostly because I love glitter. It’s Dance Legend’s #15 from the Pretty Top collection. It’s got a name too but unfortunately I can’t read Russian. A layer of topcoat completed the mani and here’s the whole thing in the sun:

Look at how pretty it is in the shade too.

Sidewalk Psychic is a great polish, and I even like it how it looks as a “real polish”, so that’s a total win for me.

Number of coats: 1
Drying time: Good
Finish: Strong linear holo
Overall impression: Amazing rainbows, really good polish
Buy again: Yes


  1. Hi dear! The final mani seems a jewel! *___*

  2. What a gorgeousness! With the glitters too!

  3. I didn't buy any from the third round, they seemed too pale, I think...
    This isn't but I'm not convinced by it LOL - but the rainbows really are amazing!

    1. I wasn't convinced either but I'm happy I got it since the Halo Hues are so good for stamping :)

  4. Really stunning! Love how you've paired it with the glitter!

  5. Looks amazing and love it with the glitter :-D