Monday, October 9, 2017

Eveline ~ Trend Collection #276, #280 and #273

Eveline ~ Trend Collection #276, #280 and #273
Gold scattered holo, Blue & pink glitter and hexes, Blue to purple duochrome with shimmer

Today I’m going to show you my last three Eveline polishes. I made them into a kitchen sink manicure; you know the manicure where all the nails are different, which I like so much.

I’ve got the golden scattered holo on my pinkie and my ring finger. It could easily be a one coater, but I used two because I like it that way. I stuck two blue studs onto my pinkie and a rabbit decoration thingee on my ring finger.

I’ve got two layers of the glitter on my middle finger. It’s a topper but I didn’t realize that until I put on the first layer. You can probably make it opaque on its own if you sponge it on but I wasn’t in the mood for that.

I’ve got the blue/purple duochrome shimmer on my pointer. The polish is more duochrome in the bottle than on the nails but fortunately it’s a really handsome blue so I don’t mind that so much. I sponged a bit of glitter on the tip. I sealed it all up with topcoat.

This is my final manicure taken with flash.

And here’s the same thing in ordinary daylight, no sun. I am usually more into silver polishes than golden, but this is a really pleasant gold. I like it!

Here are the three polishes I used.

I lost the bunny after a couple of hours but it sure was pretty while it was on the nail.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Average
Finish: Shimmery duochrome, scattered holo, glitter
Overall impression: I like them all
Buy again: Yes to all