Sunday, October 15, 2017

Holographic Peacock Chameleon Nail powder - purple to green

Holographic Peacock Chameleon Nail powder – purple to green

Today’s item is a holographic duochromatic nail powder. It doesn’t look like much in the box it comes in, but wait until you see the effect. It comes with two applicators. It looks like this in the container and this one is number 10a.

I don’t do gel nails, I don’t even have an ultraviolet lamp! That’s okay though, I used Dance Legend’s glitter base as my base, and the powder sticks just fine to that. I used two different colours just to see the difference. I wear black under my pinkie, my middle finger and my pointer; and nude under my ring finger nail.

I rubbed the powder onto the dry base and wow, the effect is really beautiful.

Here is what it looks like. There’s no topcoat involved.

The colour shift is quite amazing. I kept twisting and turning my fingers because it was so mesmerizing.

But wait! There’s more. This beauty is holographic too! Let me turn on the flash for you:

The base colour is way more obvious when I turn on the flash. I do love those fantastic rainbows no matter what’s under them.

The verdict:

Amazing shift
Great rainbows
Easy to use

You need a base that the powder can stick to


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  2.! It's astonishing! I'm mesmerized by the beauty of your nails... this powder is like magic! I was watching something like this on YouTube last week. Amazing Effect!

    Antonia/ Rock ur Nails!

    1. Ooh la la, thank you so much!
      I must admit that I was quite stunned by the effect of this powder. It's quite amazing ♥

  3. Wow ...this is gorgeous powder. I am reviewing BBB products to and they are all amazing.

  4. Oh wow, this is gorgeous! I'll definitely have to check out this powder!

  5. OMG! That really is amazing :-D