Saturday, July 13, 2013

Born Pretty Holo Polish #12 Vs. Glitter Gal ~ Lizard Belly

Born Pretty Holo Polish #12
Dark green linear holo

I bought a couple of Born Pretty Store’s holos myself, because I liked them so much. #12 is a dark green linear holo, and when I got it, I was reminded so much of Glitter Gal’s “Lizard Belly” that I thought I’d do a comparison.

I used my regular base coat and as usual had no problems with dragging or pulling. I applied Lizard Belly on the nail of my ring finger and Born Pretty Holo on the rest of my nails. Born Pretty’s holo has the best coverage and a much more green tone to it. I wouldn’t mistake this for black, like I did with the Lizard Belly to begin with.

The difference in the sun isn’t that obvious, but it’s there:

Two coats, no topcoat
Lizard Belly isn’t quite as dark as #12.

There is also a difference in how dense the “glittering” parts are in the two polishes.

Here it is out of the sun. The difference is more obvious out of the sun. The dusty particles are more visible in Lizard Belly and the green is more obvious in #12. They’re definitely not dupes, but they’re stepsisters!

I wasn’t really in the mood for such a dark colour, so I spiced it up with some glitter! I used Colorful Explicit from LynBDesigns, which is a silver/holo topper with bar glitters and stars. It lessened the darkness of the green and obviously also a lot of the holo effect, but I liked it anyway!

I really like this glitter. It can pretty much save any manicure! :D

Here are the polishes I used. I must admit that I prefer #12 over the Glitter Gal. I just find them a bit too expensive when they’re full price, they retail for US$12.88. They’ve had them on sale on and off though and I was able to snatch these for US$5.99, which is more reasonable, since they only contain 6ml!

Remember that Born Pretty Store is offering my readers a 10% discount. All you have to do is to use the code JCJ61 when you check out.


  1. I've been wanting to do this comparison, so thanks for doing it. I think I prefer the Born Pretty holo #12 because it's greener.

    1. I would love to see you do a comparison post too!
      And I feel the same way - first time I wore the Glitter Gal I actually thought it was black :)

  2. I want the BP one. Thinks it's cheaper too right? Might have to get some soon. Love the holoness.

    YAY for another Holo post btw. :-D

    1. The Born Pretty one is cheaper - at least for me, since Glitter Gals are a bit pricey for me to get my hands on.
      And Yay! Holos rulez! :D

  3. That's for this comparison, I did think of Lizard belly the first time I saw #12 :)

    1. I did too, and knew I had to try them at the same time :)

  4. I found the Born Pretty Holos on Ebay for only $4.80 each. For anyone who is interested, the link is here:

    1. Thanks for the link.
      I can see that the site is using a fellow blogger's pictures as promo pics - I think I'll drop her a line about that. I don't think she knows...