Thursday, December 17, 2015

Glittering Elements ~ Making Magic

Glittering Elements ~ Making Magic
Purple holographic

Yesterday I showed you Flower Garden; a polish that Casey from Glittering Elements made especially for me. Making Magic is Flower Garden’s sister and was also made especially for me. I love polishes that are made especially for me!

I didn’t experience any issues with the formula. I ended up using two easy and fast drying coats for my mani.

So here’s two coats and no topcoat taken with flash. Look at how gorgeous it looks!

The polish is also really beautiful in low lights.

I ended up stamping with it. I used one of my new stamping plates from Dashica: Infinity Nails-157, and I used El Corazón’s stamping polish number 06, which is just called Mint to stamp with.

I topped the whole thing with Northern Lights from Out the Door and then I took my last pictures:

I quite like purple and mint green together like this.

Making Magic is One of a Kind and is not and has not been for sale.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Holo
Overall impression: Great quality, really nice colour
Buy again: Yes