Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Webshops are stealing blogger pictures!!!

Webshops are stealing my pictures!

I am really angry! It has come to my attention that at least two shops have been stealing some of my nail pictures!

Rainbow Connection stole my picture of a store exclusive from Cupcake Polish.

Ella Ann Cosmetics stole some of my Glittering Elements pictures.

I have contacted both shops to hear if they are interested in cooperating with me. Ella Ann Cosmetics said yes at first, but when Kristen realized that I don’t live in the US, she suddenly wrote that she isn't "taking on new international swatchers due to cost". Fact is that I actually offered to pay for the postage, so there wouldn't be any extra cost for her!
Rainbow Connection (Anette) decided to not answer my emails at all.

Honestly: Where are the moral and business sensibilities?

Stealing pictures is extremely bad style. I can’t recommend anyone to support shops that don’t have the decency to at least ask for permission before they use other people’s pictures (that they haven’t paid for and obviously have no intention of paying for). They didn’t even try to remove my logo. Oh, the arrogance!

This post stays up until the shops have paid for the pictures they used. Removing them isn’t enough: My pictures have been used for a long period of time, without my knowledge or permission, for advertising their polishes. That's stealing and I hate people who steal!


  1. I understand your frusturation. You are totally right...

  2. I love this post!
    As for the UK shop you could contact and ask them for help, and also mention the Ella Ann, even if US is a bit trickier...
    Kolektor is a No Cure No Pain business - so nothing to loose for you...

  3. I understand why you're angry. They haven't asked if they may use them.
    I noticed that in Poland girls are often proud when a shop uses their photos as a swatch because there's a way of advertising their blog and a kind of admiration for their job. I guess I'd prefer to be asked about the permission before.

  4. I completely understand your frustration.. I would be mas as he** too.
    I have no understaning what so ever for brands acting like this.. It is so disgusting of them to steal like this :/
    Hope it gets sorted out!

  5. Your watermark and link to your blog were posted, that's not stealing. I've seen Jamberry and other big name companies pass of bloggers work as their own, that is stealing. If someone searches the polish name, your swatch comes up. You should be honored your swatch was used and you're getting more views/traffic, since you're quite small in the world of polish swatchers. Be humble, it's quite easy to delete your pic and move on to the next swatcher.

    1. I disagree with you, somebody could be honored if he/she would have been asked to use pictures first. I don`t see anything wrong in using pictures of some bloggers by webshops, but only if they agree (doesn`t matter if it`s for free or they get samples). You are right about more views, but still it`s a blogger who decides about his/her work.

  6. I totally understand your anger! How hard can it be to ask for permition to use the photos!

  7. It happens all the time doesn't it. Happened to me as well on eBay! But if you look on eBay most of the photos of polishes are used - some give credit in the listings some don't.

    I contacted the seller...he said "oh I got it off google" and didn't take the photos down or give me credit. I contacted eBay and had to go through lots of emails (some idiot couldn't even access my blog through the link I gave them....) and then I had to fill in a form..but I've not filled it in yet.....

    By the way, I've bought from RC - can't say it was a great experience and probably won't use them again. I started using Hypnotic and was happier with their service :-)

  8. It's really annoying to see your pictures on commercial websites!!
    I also found my 2 or 3 photos on the eBay and! Unfortunately, the sellers are so dishonest and didn't answer me when I tell them just delete my photos :(