Friday, April 15, 2016

Pure Ice ~ Speechless & Last Chance along with El Corazón m&s-172

Pure Ice ~ Speechless & Last Chance along with El Corazón m&s-172
A kitchen sink bunnyrabbit mani

I love kitchen sink manis. It’s a mani where all or at least most of the nails have different designs and/or techniques. I think they’re awesome, I just do them way too seldom.

But today I did one! I bought some really cool bunny-studs on evilBay, and I wanted to use them straight away.

This is the mani I ended up with:

Cool, yes?
The pink is Pure Ice Speechless, the purple is Pure Ice Last Chance. Two great polishes, and I used two easy coats of each here. The white is my to go white for nail art: El Corazón’s m&s-172.

I made two stripes on the pinkie, made pink stripes on the ring finger before I attached the bunny. The middle finger has brush strokes, and the pointer has got two dots. There’s white underneath the pink dots – the purple is too dark for the pink to work on top of it alone.

Here are the three polishes I used:

I love it. My boyfriend likes the simplicity of the pointer – which one is your favourite?

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Creme
Overall impression: Pure Ice makes good and cheap polishes, I like them
Buy again: Yes


  1. What a fun mani, but tell me the truth, could you leave the bunny alone, or did you pick it... :D
    My favorite is the middle finger...

    1. I picked it :/ I really like the middle finger too :)

  2. Yes I love the simplicity of the pointer too, but overall is such a pretty and funny manicure my dear! Love it a lot!

  3. Replies
    1. Me too, I couldn't resist buying it :D

  4. Your kitchen sink manis are truly great, and this one's so cute <3