Thursday, April 21, 2016

Striper nail art brush test

Striper nail art brush from Born Pretty Store

Stripes are a good way to spice up a plain manicure. Today I’m going to show you a striper nail art brush from
Born Pretty Store.

The brush looks like this:

You can take the handle off and use it as a cap for the brush so it’s protected when you don’t use it. That’s a pretty clever feature!

Here’s the mani I made:

The brush is fairly thick for a striper brush and therefore my stripes got wider than I usually prefer them. I like the manicure nonetheless though.

I just cleaned the brush with polish remover after use. Easy peasy.
Just for the record, here are the polishes I used:

Colour Alike #496, Julie G Rock Candy, OPI Angel with a Leadfoot

The verdict:

Good length on the brush
Nice tool for stripes
Great feature that the handle can be used as a cap for protection

The brush is too wide for precision nail art – after I made this I cut of 75% of the hair to make it a proper striping size :D


  1. Lovely, it looks as if it was magnetic ;) I have to buy a brush from BPS one day, I'd like a very thin one.

    1. I prefer the brushes thinner too, also because my nails aren't particularly big :)

  2. I like that the brush has a cap and your nail art looks great!

    1. The cap is an awesome feature, I really like that too. Thank you so much <3

  3. The manicure is nice but I would have liked if the brush had been narrower.

    1. Yep, me too. I have fixed it with a pair of scissors :D

  4. Yes, it definitely needs trimming, but 75% might be too much, depending of the stability/flexibility of the hairs tho :)

    1. I guess I just have to try and see how much I can get away with :)