Friday, May 3, 2013

Girly Bits ~ Boo-berry

Girly Bits ~ Boo-berry  
Purple jelly base with purple and blue glitter

I’ve read lots of good stuff about Girly Bits polishes, so I thought I’d give a couple of them a go myself. The first one I tried on was Boo-berry. It’s not a secret that I love both glitter and purple, and the two in combination has just got to be a winner – or what?

It was clear to me that it’d take a lot of coats to make this look great, so I decided to add underwear to the mix. I applied one coat of Essence “Passion for Fashion” from their old Color & Go-line. It’s a great purple crème, that I absolutely love. Worn alone it would require two coats, but since it was only underwear today I only applied one. Passion for Fashion covers great and dries fast. Another winner from Essence. I didn’t take a pic of this step.

Now for the Boo-berry: I applied two coats of the glitter. I had to dap around a bit to make the glitter spread out evenly, and I don’t think it was particularly easy to work with. Drying time between the coats was pretty average.

Here’s a pic of two coats of Boo-berry over the purple Essence:

If you take a closer look at my little finger, you can probably see that some of the glitter tends to curl a little bit. I don’t like that, because it make the mani look a bit too messy for my likings.

There’s one coat of Catrice Quick Dry & High Shine top coat on btw:

I stamped on it, using a new stamping plate called OB38 and Barry M’s “Lilac Foil”, which is fantastic for stamping. I stamped cats on all my nails, and sealed them up with a layer of Poshé top coat:

And here’s a pic taken in the sunshine:

The pretties lined up:

I have to say that I am not as impressed with this glitter as I thought I would be. I don’t like the curling ones, and I don’t like that the application is so tricky. And it’s not because I’m not used to using glitter – this was just… yeah well… difficult! It feels a bit lumpy, even after two layers of topcoat, and not in the cool, textured way. So all in all I am disappointed with this polish, and I’m hoping that I have more luck with the other one I bought *fingers crossed*

What do you think of this? And are you a cat person or a dog person – or like me: Both? :)

Opacity: N/A/10
Colour, prettiness: 7/10
Durability: 7/10
Value for money: 4/10
Overall: 6/10
Buy again:  No


  1. That sucks that the glitter curled.

    I like cats and dogs and have both.

    1. I've seen pictures of both your cats and dogs, and they're all very cute! :)

  2. I like the way this polish looks on the photos (with stamping I like it even more :)).
    P.S. I'm like you - both cats and dogs person :)

    1. I must say that I also liked it more with the stamping :)
      I would really like to get myself a dog :)