Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dance Legend ~ Matte #649 and Glory Star #02

Dance Legend ~ Matte #649 and Glory Star #02
Purple and glittah!

I was in the mood for purple and glitter! So I started out with #649 from Dance Legend’s matte collection, which is a red toned purple. It covers in two easy coats and the drying time between the coats is good. And yes, it obviously dries up matte :D

Here’s two coats and no topcoat:

I love this shade of purple!

I’m not a great lover of matte manis though, I think they look fantastic for a short while and after that they just look dirty on me. I don’t know why they keep looking good on others, perhaps I’m just too much of a lover of shiny things, haha!!

So anyway, I applied a layer of Dance Legend’s #02 from the Glory Star collection. It’s a clear base with white and silver glitter and hexes and there’s also holo glitter spread throughout the polish. It’s a lovely topper!

I applied one coat over the purple. It is easy to work with and the glitter spreads out easily and evenly. The only downside is the drying time: This glitter isn’t drying fast! I had to let my fast drying topcoat do the magic today. Anyway, here’s my final mani:

I can feel that I’m going to return to this glitter, I think it’s fabulous!

Here’s a flash picture to show off a bit of the hologlitter:

I like this a lot!

I’m very fond of Dance Legend’s polishes as a rule and these two are no exception!

Number of coats: 2 layers of the matte, 1 of the glitter
Drying time: pretty good for the matte, slow for the glitter
Finish: Matte / Glitter
Overall impression: Good polishes both of them!
Buy again: Yes to both