Tuesday, October 20, 2015

CrowsToes ~ Ingrounded

CrowsToes ~ Ingrounded
Blue base with colour shifting shimmer

Today’s polish is a little bit of a chameleon because of the colour shifting shimmer.

I used two coats for desired opacity. I have read that girls with longer or bigger nails used three coats. That’s one of the advantage of shorter nails, haha. The drying time is pretty good.

Take a look at how pretty it is in the sun:

I stood with my hand in that ray on sun for a while and gazed at how pretty it is!

That colour reminded me so much of sparkly blue water, so I stamped waves on all the nails, except for the ring fingers where I stamped fish. Both motifs are from Moyou London’s Sailor Collection-07 and I stamped with Bourjois’ Bleu Mystérieux.

Here’s the final mani including topcoat:

I love it!

I really, really like Ingrounded. How about you?

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Fast
Finish: Shimmer
Overall impression: This is such a beautiful polish in all lightings.
Buy again: Yes


  1. Oh, this is gorgeous, I love this exact type of what I call sea green <3

  2. Fish swimming in these waves and the blue colour - well thought mani!

  3. The color of a swimming pool in the sun! I love that!

  4. What an interesting polish. I like it a lot. Something different about it :-D

  5. What a nice colour, it looks great :)