Monday, October 5, 2015

Ludurana Aurora Bureal ~ Supremo

Ludurana Aurora Bureal ~ Supremo
Lavender ultrastrong linear holo

There was a time, not so long ago, where every other nail polish wasn’t holographic. It was a happy time, there was still glitter and shimmer, and most of us didn’t really know that we were missing something.

At some point Brazil stepped up and started producing the most beautiful holographic polishes. Unfortunately they weren’t that easy to get your hands on. Shipping from Brazil is ridiculously expensive. I was determined that some of the beauties belonged in my stash, and at some point I swapped with two Brazilian girls. I swapped once with one of them, and several times with the other, and beauty after beauty entered my world. I eventually lost contact with both girls, but here’s a happy thought to them both. Love you girls!

I’ll still say that the Brazilian companies did something that not many companies did or do. Their holos are still outstanding!

Let me show you an example. Supremo is lavender and it looks really sheer, which is a shame because the bottle only contains 8ml. But it’s not sheer on the nails, yay! I used two easy coats for desired opacity. The drying time is average.

Put on your sunglasses; here’s two coats and no topcoat in flashlight:

Wow, right?

This is what it looks like in low light.

I stamped on it. I used my favourite motif from Moyou London’s plate Illusion Collection-02, and I stamped with a no name polish called “Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees”. It’s a Chinese copy of OPI’s polish with the same name, but apparently they didn’t know which bottle is OPI and which is Nicole by OPI, so they poured the polish into a NOPI bottle, haha. It’s my favourite purple polish for stamping; I have used up half the bottle by now, and I shall be SO sad when it’s all gone.

Here’s a photo I haven’t cropped as much as usual, so you can see my fake OPI :D

I love this, no less.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Average
Finish: Strong linear holo
Overall impression: I love it!
Buy again: I definitely would!


  1. Love the strong holo effect and does swirls are great on it!

  2. Hi dear, the stamping is pretty but I prefer the nail polish alone, it's simply.. *__*
    It emits light!!!

    1. It's gorgeous on its own, I agree. I hardly ever wear them alone though :)

  3. It is indeed a gorgeous holo :-D

  4. Wow, what a holo! I can understand why you wanted this polish badly! The swirls add to the dramatic holo effect!

    1. You should have seen me when I unwrapped it! My jaws dropped, I was speechless! :D