Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Failed attempt on a neon rainbow

Failed attempt on a neon rainbow
Craft glittah

When I shop I often find myself looking for nail stuff in shops that aren’t nail stuff related.

I often find things I can use for nail art. I found these four glitters in my local supermarket for about $2! I thought they’d be really cool for a neon glitter rainbow. I mean, the idea sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Here are the glitters:

I might as well tell you right away: I failed!

I used my Überchic silicone mat for the purpose. I applied topcoat onto the nail templates and before it dried I sprinkled the glitter in a rainbow-ish pattern. When that was dry, I applied a layer of white polish over it. I let dry again, and applied another layer of topcoat and waited once more.

It wouldn’t really dry and it made really weird little bubbles in the white polish :D I tried to lift it all up onto my nails anyway. I looked like a painter afterwards: I had paint all over my fingers and hands! :D God, what a disaster!! I have however said that I would also post my fails here, so here it comes:

The templates on the silicone mat doesn’t fit my nails, so the orange didn’t make it onto the nails as you can see.

I find this experience extremely funny to be honest, and I haven’t given my neon glitter rainbow up yet. I will definitely try again, I’ll just make a different approach next time.

Please check back in tomorrow, I promise I’ll make something prettier! :D

Number of coats: -
Drying time: Very bad :D
Finish: Neon glittah!
Overall impression: This looked so nice in my head. On my nails not so much.
Try again: Yes I will. I want a neon glitter rainbow!