Saturday, March 26, 2016

OPI ~ Charmmy & Sugar and Colour Alike ~ Red Moon

OPI ~ Charmmy & Sugar and Colour Alike ~ Red Moon
Nail art using nail vinyls

I have bought some nail vinyls on evilBay recently because I think they’re fun to play with.

Here’s the mani I ended up with:

I used OPI’s Charmmy & Sugar from the Hello Kitty collection. I love Hello Kitty, and I would definitely have bought more from this collection if there wasn’t so many crèmes. Charmmy & Sugar is an iridescent pink base, with tiny glitter pieces in blue, hot pink, light pink, silver and gold. Formula is great and the polish covers in two easy coats. Drying time is good too.

The darker red is Red Moon from Colour Alike. It’s a lovely, lovely dark red metallic. It covers so well that it’s perfect for manis like this one. One coat and coverage was fantastic. Drying time was great too.

This is Charmmy & Sugar on its own. I can’t really wear pale polishes like this, but it’s a great base for nail art, plus I expect to use it as an effect polish dapped over other and darker polishes – you know, for a bit of extra sparkle. I like that.

I am super pleased with how this mani turned out, and I’ll definitely hunt evilBay down for more cool nail vinyls.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Shimmer with glitter
Overall impression: Great base colour for nail art, lovely shine and shimmer
Buy again: Yes


  1. That mani is to die for, I love how the iridescent OPI is in the finished result!

  2. That OPI polish is a great base for this nail art, well done!

  3. I'd like these vinyls :) Lovely mani!

  4. These colours look great together :)

    1. I'm super pleased to hear you think so :)