Tuesday, April 17, 2018

CND Creative Play ~ Foilded Again

CND Creative Play ~ Foilded Again
Golden shimmer

It’s time for a cheerful and colourful manicure!

I started out with two coats of “Foilded Again”, which is a Bright golden shimmer polish. The drying time was good.

I applied a layer of nail glue over my base colour and allowed that to dry. Then I used two different kinds of nail foil: A purple and a red. I dapped them onto the glue alternately and when I was happy with the result I sealed it up with a water based topcoat.

Here’s what it all ended up looking like. The photo is taken in ordinary daylight.

CND Creative Play ~ Foilded Again

I really like the colour combination.

CND Creative Play ~ Foilded Again

This is “Foilded Again” on its own; two coats and no topcoat yet. I like this polish a lot, it’s super pretty for a gold.

CND Creative Play ~ Foilded Again

I haven’t played much with nail foil, but I want to do it more, because it’s possible to create some really unique manicures.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Shimmer
Overall impression: Good quality, pretty colour, amazing shimmer
Buy again: Yes