Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nail art with Barry M ~ Amethyst Glitter

Barry M ~ Amethyst Glitter  
Clear base with magenta, blue and gold glitters

Barry M has made some really nice glitters recently. Amethyst Glitter is one of them, and I’m happy I bought it even though some of it’s glitters turned out to be golden.

I started out my mani with Flormar 446, a lovely blue from their Spring & Summer 2012 collection. Sweet Aylin sent me this bottle and I am ever so grateful.

I applied a coat of Amethyst Glitter on my pinkie and my thumb. There are two coats of Flormar on the three middle fingers, and this is how that all looks:

The Flormar is easy to work with – it’s such a great brand! And the Barry M glitter spread out evenly without any problems at all. I love polishes like these!

Here’s a pic from another angle:

Then I made stripes on the three middle fingers. I used a pink striper from Amuse called “Metal Pink”, and a silver striper from Claire’s that doesn’t have a name. I had to go over the pink stripes again to make sure they stood out nicely. I don’t like the smell of the Amuse polish – and there’s something in it that irritated my throat so I coughed throughout the session. I’m not going to use this polish very often, that’s for sure.

When I was satisfied with my stripes I sponged Amethyst Glitter on the tips of my ring finger and my pointer. I applied one coat of Poshé top coat, and my many was done!

After having taken these pictures, I had to apply another coat of Poshé top coat on the two sponged tips to smoothen out the texture.

Here are the involved polishes:

I really like this mani because it’s sparkly and not “just the same” on all of the nails. And after having admired it for an hour I suddenly realized that it reminds me of Stars and Stripes. Ha, who would have known! :)

So, what is the verdict, ladies? Do you like this? Or is there too much going on?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you sweetie. I am so pleased with it myself, so I'm glad you like it :)

  2. Wow the stripes and glitter look so great together!! I'm going to try that too sometimes (: and link to your post ;)

    1. I'm looking so much forward to seeing it on you too! :)

  3. It looks cute :)
    It reminds me alot of 4th of july thou :P

  4. I love Barry m glitters. This one looks great on you. Glitter and stripes what's not to love? Xx

    1. I couldn't agree more, I love both myself :) xx