Friday, October 25, 2013

Sephora X ~ Mr. Positivity

Sephora X ~ Mr. Positivity
Dark green jelly with green microglitter

I bought Mr. Positivity in New York, along with a bunch of other Sephora X-polishes. My boyfriend chose this as the first one of them to try on. Good choice!

I was very curious about the formula, since these polishes weren’t exactly cheap, speaking in US terms. This one cost $12.5 plus tax, which was 8.875% = US$13.61. Not expensive here in Denmark, but not cheap in the US.

The formula is good though. I had no problems with application at all, and coverage was good, even for a jelly. Two coats is what it took to make this baby shine. The polish dries up a little bit gritty, not more than a layer of topcoat can handle though. Drying time is pretty average, no problems in that department either.

Here is what two coats and a layer of Poshé topcoat looks like:

I am really pleased with the look of this glitter!

I still wanted to do something fun with it, and decided to go with stripes today. I picked a hot pink striper and a silver glitter striper. I painted one pink stripe down the middle of each nail. Then I painted one silver glitter stripe on each side of the pink. When that was dry I added a second coat of pink to the middle stripe, to make sure it was nice and opaque, and made one thinner stripe over the silver glitter. When that was all dry I sealed it all up with another layer of Poshé topcoat, and here is my final mani:

I love the pink and the green together, I think they go really well together!

Here is one final shot of my mani.

And the pretties: 

The Sephora X polish didn’t let me down. I loved the formula and how easily the glitter spread out. The colour is really nice and I really like how the mani turned out. I’m glad that I bought more than one of them!

What do you think? Have you tried the Sephora X-series yet? Do you want to?

Opacity: 7/10
Colour, prettiness: 8/10
Durability: 9/10
Value for money: 9/10
Overall: 8/10
Buy again: Yes

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