Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Colour Alike ~ Sirius (595)

Colour Alike ~ Sirius (595)
Blue to purple to green duochrome

I like colour shifters as you may have noticed by now. Sirius is a really pretty colour shifter; it shifts between purple, blue and green.

I usually try my duochromes on their own to see if they work without underwear but I wasn’t in the mood for that. I applied a layer of black (Rimmel’s Black Satin), and then two easy coats of Sirius. The drying time was okay, not super fast, but not really slow either.

This is two coats over black:

I really like that colour shift.

If I flick my fingers a bit like this, then more of the green shows up.

I sponged a little bit of holo glitter on it. It’s a really cheap polish from Tiger (like the dollar store) and it hasn’t got a name. Poor little nameless polish!

Here’s the final mani including a layer of topcoat:

Sirius is a really good colour shifter, I like it!

Number of coats: 2 over black
Drying time: Okay
Finish: Duochrome
Overall impression: Cool colour shift, nice colours
Buy again: Yes