Friday, September 23, 2016

Orly ~ Road Trippin’

Orly ~ Road Trippin’
Bright neon yellow crème

Road Trippin’ is from the Pacific Coast Highway collection from summer 2016 just like Life’s a Beach and Paradise Cove that I already showed you.

I’m not usually a great lover of crème polishes, but I have a thing for neons so I bought two more from the collection. The last one that I’m probably going to wear tomorrow is Scenic Route.

Yellow polishes are often little divas. I don’t know why but it seems that most yellows are draggers and keep creating bald-ish spots. Road Trippin’ isn’t the worst yellow I’ve tried, but I did need three coats before I was satisfied. The self-levelling ability isn’t the greatest but the layer of topcoat did the trick. The drying time is good.

So here’s three coats and one layer of topcoat:

This is soooo highlighter yellow, I love it!

I drew four lines on each nail with Cuccio’s Nantucket Navy, and then I finished with a layer of Northern Lights topcoat from Out the Door. I love that holo glitter topper.

Nantucket Navy is way darker than I imagined it would be, so it almost looks black here. That means I probably won’t be using it as a regular polish but only for nail art, like here. I will swatch it however to make sure that my feeling is right.

I expected Road Trippin’ to be a three coater so I’m no disappointed in that fact. I love the colour so it’s definitely a keeper!

Number of coats: 3
Drying time: Good
Finish: Crème
Overall impression: Really bright, great if you love loud polishes like I do.
Buy again: Yes