Sunday, September 4, 2016

Lilypad Lacquer ~ Ashes to Ashes

Lilypad Lacquer ~ Ashes to Ashes
Grey linear holo

Ashes to Ashes has been living in a box along with some other untried polishes. I don’t wear grey polishes much so I’ve decided to try and get through the polishes that has been sitting in the box for a long time. If I like them then they go live in the Helmer. If I don’t like them enough, then I’ll find them a better home where they are appreciated more.

The formula is really good and so is the coverage. I used two easy coats for my mani and the drying time is really good.

Here’s two coats and a layer of topcoat taken in the sunshine:

This picture is taken in the shade. There’s a really pretty shimmer showing up, I like that.

I stamped it with another unusual colour for me. The stamping polish is from El Corazón and is called Apple Flower. The motif is from Marianne Nails No. 119. There’s a layer of Northern Lights Out the Door holo glitter topcoat over it all.

This is my final mani:

I used my clear stamper for this. I bought it from ebay and it was really cheap. It’s bigger than my old clear stamper and it’s really good. I’m impressed with the quality.

I actually quite like this colour combo!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Fast
Finish: Linear holo
Overall impression: Great polish if you’re into greys
Buy again: Probably not, but I’ll keep it anyway


  1. I like this unusual stamping mani - I also try to do those from time to time, and I often end up liking them...

    1. It's also nice to step outside the comfort zone once in a while :)

  2. I prefer it with the stamping because the combo is surprising yet good!

  3. Aw, that's a very nice colour and looks quite interesting with the stamping :)