Tuesday, January 24, 2017

LynBDesigns ~ Double Bluff

LynBDesigns ~ Double Bluff
Taupe based polish with pink shimmer and linear holographic

Double Bluff is from the "They Say of the Acropolis" Collection and it has been sitting in the box of untrieds for quite a while now. Today I decided to actually like the polish and wear it, haha!

I applied two relatively fast drying coats for my mani. There will probably be more days where I appreciate a neutral colour like this one so I think I will keep Double Bluff for now. I don’t really have anything like it in my collection.

This is two coats and no topcoat taken in ordinary daylight.

I took a picture with flash as well to show off the promised linear holographic effect. I honestly think the colour is nicer in ordinary daylight.

I stamped on it. I used a motif from a plate called cooi 035. I stamped with a pink and a purple stamping polish, both from Born Pretty Store.

This is the final result, including a layer of topcoat.

Here are the polishes I used.

Double Bluff isn’t a colour I would normally go for. Now that it has been sitting in the box for such a long time, I actually got used to it, and now I like it. I am not sure I would buy it again though.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Linear holo with shimmer
Overall impression: Unusual colour for me, good polish quality though
Buy again: I don’t think so


  1. It's pretty both with and without the stamping!

  2. This shade is not really my thing, I guess, but it's more beautiful with the stamping :)

    1. It's not my colour either, but I liked it anyway :D

  3. I kind of like this shade. very subtle :)