Friday, January 6, 2017

Polished for Days ~ Novaturient

Polished for Days ~ Novaturient
Described as a scattered holographic deep grey/cornflower base with pink-purple-blue-gold shifting flakes, glowing aqua flakes, and a strong purple iridescent shimmer

I wouldn’t have described the colour of Novaturient like that but I guess the maker knows best :) I honestly couldn’t see any scattered holo effect and there was no sign of the strong iridescent shimmer in my bottle either. It’s still a nice polish though.

The formula is good and the polish covers in two easy and fast drying coats.

Here’s two coats and a layer of topcoat taken in ordinary daylight.

I stamped on it. I found some skull motifs on stamping plate XY-P07. I stamped with El Corazón’s white stamping polish. The plate refused to work with my clear stamper so I had to switch over to my old sticky ebay stamper.

I must admit that I find it quite irritating that the etching isn’t deep enough on so many plates now. And I find it really odd that we all just seem to accept that fact, and accept that we need numerous kinds of stampers in order to use the stamping plates we buy. I don’t get it, to be honest. The manufacturers should be making what we want to use, not us simply putting up with the sub-standard products they make and finding our own work-arounds because it’s cheaper for them (not us though, same price for us whatever the actual quality).

But anyway. Here’s the final mani:

I think the motifs are super cute and I love that so much of the base colour still shows.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Jelly base with microglitter and shimmer
Overall impression: Great first impression. Good quality, easy to work with, pretty.
Buy again: No, but mostly because I want the promised holo effect