Monday, January 23, 2017

Starrily ~ The Unicorns Are Coming

Starrily ~ The Unicorns Are Coming
Colour shifting glitter in a clear base

I definitely have a thing for glitter! I love both glitters that work on their own and glitter toppers. The Unicorns Are Coming is a topper; and what an amazing topper it is!

I applied a layer of the glitter over black – just to see what this polish actually can – if you know what I mean :)

Here’s how beautiful it is:

I see green, yellow, orange and red. Starrily states that they also shift to blue but that didn’t show up on my fingers. I don’t mind, I love the colours I see!

It’s magic!

The Unicorns Are Coming is truly amazing.

Number of coats: 1 over a base colour
Drying time: A bit slower than average
Finish: Glitter
Overall impression: Wow! I love all the colours in this glitter!
Buy again: Yes