Saturday, April 1, 2017

Orly ~ Mirrorball – in a water marble mani with Flormar

Orly ~ Mirrorball – in a water marble mani with Flormar
Silver linear holo sprinkled with holographic glitter

I’m going to show you the water marble first. Orly’s Mirrorball was supposed to play an important role in the water marble, but it ended up being practically invisible. Why?, you might ask. Because I bought a bunch of Flormar polishes from their Full Color collection, and I wanted to test if they water marbled. They did, but not equally good.

I bought a mint green, a pink, a purple, an indigo and a clear. And I wanted to use the clear to make the Mirrorball peak through. But the clear didn’t want to be used for water marbling. It was in fact the only one of the five polishes that refused to work in water!

So I ended up not using it.

Let me show you what my final mani ended up looking like:

It’s way prettier on the pictures than it was in real life btw. What a sweet waste of morning :D The glitter that I put on top is Inglot’s #201. It’s a pretty glitter but the quality isn’t fantastic, especially considering how much I paid for it! The glitter isn’t easy to get to spread out evenly at all.

There’s Mirrorball underneath it all :D Let me show you Mirrorball on its own. It’s a super pretty silver linear holo with a dash of holographic glitter. It takes three coats to make it cover, and the drying time is pretty good.

Here’s three coats without topcoat taken with flash.

This picture is taken in ordinary daylight on an overcast day. Check out that pretty holo glitter!

Here are all the polishes I used (minus the clear one, that was a b*tch!)

Orly: Mirrorball, Flormar: Utopia Vacation, Love is Blushing, Awaken your Senses, Speed Limit, Crystal Glam, Iglot: 201

Number of coats: 3
Drying time: Good
Finish: Linear holo with holo glitter
Overall impression: Great basis polish
Buy again: Yes


  1. Beautiful water marble, but Mirrorball disappeared underneath it ;-)

    1. It did, because the clear polish didn't want to cooperate! :D

  2. Replies
    1. That pleases me a lot to hear, thank you :)

  3. Strange! But great marble and I do like the Orly :-D

    1. Thank you, I am glad you like it too :)